Singapore Audit Services.

Our mission is to ensure your business achieves filing compliance with ACRA and IRAS while providing valuable business advice that aligns with your company's goals.

Powered by CaseWare's computerised audit software, we are able to streamline our audit leadtime while ensuring efficiency and adhering to auditing standards.

Navigating a financial audit process can be Stressful.

Find Audit services firm have become more complex with more qualitative disclosures. Professional skepticism and judgment are ever more important. Here’s what to ask when you engage an auditor.

Does your auditor understand your business?

To understand the whole company and its environment is a very important part for the auditor during the audit work. Through this understanding the auditor will be able to know where there might be challenges in the audit process

Is your auditor too
rigid and

An ongoing challenge for any Singapore audit services firm striving for optimal audit quality is to strike the right balance between consistency in the audit approaches while providing flexibility and professional skepticism.

Is your audit process costly and time-consuming?

Statutory audit does not need to be expensive, disruptive, and intrusive to a business. We bill clients based on hours worked, so facilitating a smooth audit can and will lower the number of hours worked and thus lower overall fees.

Is there a need
for a
audited report?

For some companies, statutory audit is a mandatory requirement, but not to all companies. Others may be obligated to provide audited financial statements to parties including bankers, landlords, and investors.


Athel is committed to inspiring confidence with a comprehensive understanding of the businesses that we audit.

Here’s 3 three steps to engage Athel as your auditor. 

How Athel Assurance adds value.

Athel combines knowledge, people and understanding of business in our audit services.

Technology driven audit processes.

Less data preparation, less email requests, less disruption, we utilise audit software and other technology such as HelloSign that saves you time and resources while maintaining our professional audit quality.

Experienced business partners.

On-going support by our experienced audit partners for your everyday decision-making. We ensure all clients have access to the top management who are responsive, friendly, and helpful to take care of clients in the long term.

Professional, qualified, auditors.

Our clients rely on our opinions to make key decisions. We worked hard to keep ourselves on top of relevant laws, regulations and accounting standards, so that our so that our attestations value-adds to our clients.

Other Things That We Do.

We charge our fees based on our client’s needs, so that you’ll never have to pay for unnecessary extras. Our fees are transparent, based on the volume, complexity and time required for the job. 

Experts Who Got Your Back

Talk to your dedicated accountant, tax agent or secretary in Singapore who understands your business, submit your corporate filings and take care of all administrative paperwork so that you can focus on growing your business.

Team Athel specialises in compliance filing for SMEs. We are a Registered Filing Agent of ACRA and Registered Tax Agent of IRAS.


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