Incorporation of local company in 24 hours.

We will incorporate your local Start company for $800/company, inclusive of the ACRA fee of $315 and 1st year named company secretary

  • Do you know all your choices of business structures and what are the pros and cons?
  • Have you prepared minutes and resolutions to support corporate actions?
  • Are you late for conducting AGM and filing ACRA Annual Return?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we feel you!

Understand your Business Structures options and tax rates.

Business structure is one of the first decision to make as you embark on an entrepreneurial journey
Of the more than 500,000 business entities in Singapore, over 300,000 are incorporated as a private limited company. 
Other business structures include a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership and limited liability partnership. Each business structure has its own pros and cons, so how should a business owner decide?

Considerations should at least include the nature of business, risks that it assumes, number of partners in the business, tax rates and intention to sell in the future. 

We can help you analyse your situation and decide on the most efficient business structure.

Comparison of business entities

No more paperwork. We will prepare your Minutes, Resolutions and Statutory Registers.

teamwork secretarial system
Minutes, resolutions and registers are statutory requirements imposed to support corporate actions. They as especially important when there is a regulator query or a law suit.  

The documents are not the easiest to prepare, and is not helped by the “not-so user-friendly” ACRA BizFile portal for corporate filings. 

Luckily for us, we have a computerised secretarial system that is able to generate minutes, resolutions and statutory registers.

We help clients achieve compliance to ACRA by handling the paperwork .


No more late AGM and Annual Returns, else we work for for free.

Under sections 175 and 197 of the Companies Act, directors are responsible to conduct its annual general meeting within 6 months after year ended and file their annual return on ACRA Bizfile Portal within 7 months of year ended. 

We set up automatic due date reminders for our clients and lodge necessary transactions on behalf of our clients.

ACRA Bizfile portal

Frequently Asked

QHow do you charge?

A In general, an accountant charges time costs similar to a lawyer. Our standard daily time cost is $800/man-day.

QWhat other services do you provide?

A We are great at compliance work for micro-SMEs, meaning bookkeeping, accounting, secretarial and tax work.

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