Anything that concerns Accounting,

Athel is a Singapore accounting firm with a solid team of Chartered Accountants (SG), but don’t worry, we’re not your typical nerdy kind #ahbengaccountant lah.

We can help you set up your company, handle your accounting and bookkeeping, take care of your secretarial filings, plan your taxes and more, so that you can focus on achieving your business goals. Sound good or not? Steady.

Athel - your personal assistant

Our Clients Cannot "Diam Diam" One.

Here’s what our clients have to say about our Singapore accounting firm, and NOPE, we didn’t force force them to.

We’re proud of being able to provide our clients with our much-talked-about services.

But we’re even prouder that many became our true friends, because that one no amount of money can buy.

You Are Already Stressed with Business,
Don't Let Government "KAJIAO" You.

Your focus should be on growing the business where you’re pouring your blood, sweat, tears and maybe even some more tears into.

We get that completely. 

Our basic compliance work comprising statutory auditing, accounting and bookkeeping services, secretarial and tax filing services, ensures that our clients are in full compliance with laws and regulations (P.S. We hate late filings and penalties too).

We work harder than our competitors.

Beyond the routine yet essential services of Singapore accounting firm, we love to get to know you as a friend and analyse your business as a partner. Our management consultancy expertise is designed to bring our clients value-adding and actionable insights.

Not your typical, serious, nerdy accountant.

We are proud of who we are #ahbengaccountant. What sets us apart is our passion for businesses, and the lack of pretendence.

Whatever matters to you matters to us too, because we believe in growing together. 

Accounting Services

Say hello to hassle-free bookkeeping, accounting, report filing and more. Our experts will take care of all your paperwork so that you can get down to the real business.

Company Secretary.

We give your business peace of mind. We keep your compliance in check. We file documents, track deadlines and respond to all requests daily. All standard filing needs are included in the plan.

Tax Services

Tailored solutions designed for you. Our professionals get to know your business to optimise your tax obligations. They know what to file, which exemptions and reliefs you’re entitled to, and take care of your documents.

Behind Every Successful "Towkay" is a
Great Chartered Accountant.

Not every accountant can provide what we do, and we believe we are good at what we are doing.

Here’s what we can offer and can do very well.

Accounting Fees Calculator.

You must be wondering:

“How much to hire a Chartered Accountant ah?”

We won’t anyhow charge one, but we may not be the cheapest either (P.S. we all got staff and family to feed right?).

Submit your responses below to estimate the accounting fees, our system will automatically email you a quotation. 

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Athel will record each bank transaction in a computerised accounting software such as Xero and AutoCount. Each incoming receipt is one transaction, each outgoing payment is another. Athel charges in a block with a minimum of 60 transactions per FY.

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