Audit your Medisave claims
in 2 weeks.

We will certify your Medisave Claims in 2 weeks from just $1,999/FY.

Comparing Accounting Fees
  • Are you a medical institution (MIs) approved to make Medisave claims on behalf of CPF members? 
  • Are you required by CPF Board to submit an Annual Auditor’s Report (AAR) on your Medisave Claims made during the year?
  • Are you struggling to meet the deadline to submit AAR?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we feel you!

Audit Services can be simpler, better and faster.

At Athel, we strive to ensure that our clients meet their filing due dates.

Athel’s audit approach is designed to add value to client’s businesses while reducing audit lead time, cost, and paperwork. 

Implementation of Caseware’s audit software demonstrates our digitalization effort and our determination to provide a streamlined approach for conducting audits without affecting quality.


Get a Chartered Accountant on your team, we are advisors to CEOs.

Just as every family needs a family doctor, business owners look to a personal accountant for business advices. 

Here at Athel, we ensure each and every client is assigned an experienced auditor-in-charge of all compliance matters.

We will certify your Medisave Claims in
2 weeks ,
else we work for free.

Under Section 67B(3) of the CPF Act, the Central Provident Fund Board (the “Board”) may order an audit of Medical Institutions (MIs) that are approved to make MediSave claims on behalf of CPF members.

MIs are required to submit an Annual Auditor’s Report (“AAR”) on the MediSave claims made for each financial year. This is to ensure that MediSave claims made by MIs are in accordance with the Central Provident Fund (MediSave Account Withdrawal) Regulations and guidelines.

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Frequently Asked


How do you charge?


Our routine audit fee for Medisave claims audit is $1,999/FY.


What is the audit process like?


After your approval of the audit fee, we will perform client due diligence as part of our onboarding process.

We will schedule the audit once the CDD is cleared.
An auditor-in-charge (AIC) will be scheduled and assigned to perform the field work.

The AIC will get in touch to retrieve below document for the audit.

After completion of field work, the AIC will send the audit report to our audit manager and engagement partner for review and signing off.


What is the timeline of the audit like?


We will require about 2 weeks after audit commencement.

Client due diligence – Within 1 week
Schedule lead-time – Within 4 weeks
Audit field work – Within 1 week
Review and sign off – Within 1 week


What document are required for the audit?


We will require document such as receipt, patient’s ID, Annex A of Letter of Certification for Medisave, Dental Implant Surgery Consent Form and Universal Claim Form. 

What our clients are saying

FROM JUST $1,999/FY.

  • 30 min business consultation worth $600.
  • Provision of audit services in accordance with Singapore Standards of Auditing (SSAs)
  • Auditor’s Report on Medisave Claims 
  • Other things we can do: GST submission, Annual return, tax filing.
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.