What We Do?

A Full Suite of Integrated Accounting Services dedicated to SMEs.

Integrated accounting services + Outsourced Finance function = One Stop Accounting Solution

Being integrated enables us to satisfy all our clients' needs, from an outsourced accountant, to an independent auditor, to a trusted advisor.

Being an outsourced function means we are able to accomplish all the accounting tasks that you would expect in a traditional finance department from the issuance of sales invoices and supplier payments, submission of GST filing to calculation of payroll.

Athel offers a one-stop accounting solution through three distinct practices. Learn more below.


Athel Assurance Services are designed to comply with regulators and industry standards such as the FRS, SSA and Companies Act.


Athel Accounting Services are designed to provide a hassle-free, cost-efficient and value-adding approach to ensure your compliance to ACRA and IRAS regulations.


Athel Advisory Services are designed to help you understand what the various reports mean, and how the data you're seeing affects your company.